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Process simulation

Virtual Machine

As more and more manufacturers are realising, it is important to stage a simulation of what is involved before any process is embarked upon. We are not only proud to offer our customers the development and optimisation of their machining process but also see ourselves as an all-round partner.

Virtuelle Maschine


Early detection system

​Using 3D data of the workpiece, we are able to create and simulate the setup and the machining tools for your individual machining process before even the first sliver of metal is shaved off.

The benefits of the simulation lie in the advance identification of collisions, the optimisation of traverse paths and the adaptation and/or optimisation of the machining strategy.


Customised solutions

With our simulation software, we are able to simulate (almost) every type of machine. If your machine type does not exist in our databank, there is scope for us to assemble your machine virtually. Furthermore, our software enables us to simulate the most commonly used machines and controls, e.g. Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Bosch.

Please contact us for more details.