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Process optimisation

More efficiency and fewer errors

We optimise your machining process without changing specific parameters or drive data on the machine. Our main focus is on the optimisation of machining strategies and sequences, of traverse paths and of cutting data.



New strategies for your success

In process analysis, we primarily deal with the productive and non-productive times of the machining process of the respective NC machining program. In doing so, we take into account the workpiece and the clamping conditions, as well as geometrical features, such as thin walls or fluctuating stock allowances.

In addition to the core processes involved in machining a workpiece, we also take into account chip formation, the design of the main and subsidiary cutting edges, the chip spacing, the noise generated and the quality forming of each machining tool. In addition, we analyse the optimum cutting speed for each tool. We then submit our proposals for potential optimisation to you. Finally, we work with you in jointly developing a new machining strategy for your workpiece and then implementing it..



Innovation in process

Even at the end of a successful day’s work, there is always scope to aim higher. We want to help you get closer to your objectives – or maybe even realise them fully – by identifying a balanced process that meets your expectations.